Nurturing Seeds of Greatness in Every Child

Envision a world where our youngsters stand as the vanguards of inspiration, forging a path toward an electrifying future that’s poised to break barriers and redefine the very essence of tomorrow

Welcome to Flora Care Group

At Flora Care Group, we wholeheartedly understand the deep concern and love parents have for their children. You want to know that your child is safe and loved, especially if they are unable to live at home. Our mission is to create a nurturing and caring environment where children can blossom into their best selves.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Flora Care Group, we are committed to the highest standards of care. Our experienced team is carefully selected and trained to give your child personalized attention, ensuring their physical, emotional, and educational needs are met.

A Second Home
for Your Child


We firmly believe that the journey to greatness starts with small steps. That’s why we’ve created a home away from home, where your child is not just a resident but a valued member of our family.

Discover Flora Care Group

Our homes are staffed by experienced and caring professionals who are dedicated to providing children with the support they need to thrive. We offer a range of services, including:

  • 24/7 care and support
  • Individualized education plans
  • Behavioral support
  • Therapeutic services
  • Recreational activities
  • Life skills training

Key Features of the
Flora Care Group

Our services designed to meet the needs of every child, no matter their background or circumstances

Join our family

Flora Care Group is more than just a place to live; it’s a thriving community where children form lasting friendships, explore their interests, and develop essential life skills. Our inclusive environment promotes social connections and personal growth.